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What are NEO Xenos Podcasts?

This is the podcast site for Central Teachings by Keith McCallum and other guest speakers at Northeast Ohio Xenos. With podcasts you can listen to the teaching and view Powerpoint presentations and study materials.

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3 Responses to About Podcasts

  1. Lisa says:

    Get james up and running on this podcast; I was sick for your 1st teaching and will be in the OASIS room next Sunday. Are tapes available anymore for the workers of OASIS?

    I am chomping at the bit – so to speak – and I don’t want my ship going off course. SO beam me some James!

  2. KMcC says:

    Hi Lisa,

    We encountered a slight snaffou while transitioning to Web-based media, but I’ve just been informed today that it’s been resolved…it means we’ll be able to catch up probably by tomorrow morning (i.e., 9/26).

    Thanks for your long suffering!

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